Our October Newsletter

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We can’t believe how quickly this year has gone and that there are just three months left of 2018!  We wanted to take the opportunity to fill you all in on some of the work that has happened this year, and share opprotunities to get involved.

In this newsletter we have:
– Recognition of the great achievement of everyone involved in the Managed Moves Programme.
– An update on Managed Moves & the YESS programmes
–  The establishment of a new working group to address synthetic drug us in our homeless community and how to get involved.

A @ W were last month announced at Finalists in the NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards under the Partnering for Good Category.   This was for the work that has happened under the Managed Moves programme.

We’re both excited and honoured to be considered a finalist alongside such a great line up of fellow finalists.

We are also hugely appreciative of everyone in the community that has contributed to the success of the Managed Moves programme.  From the secondary schools, service providers, agencies and community members, everyone has participated in making some effective change for our young people.

We will be sending invites out over the next few weeks to everyone who has been involved in the Managed Moves programme directly to celebrate our collective achievement.

Managed Moves and YESS:  What’s happening
Managed Moves

As mentioned above the achievements of the Managed Moves programme are being recognised both through the NZI SBN Awards, but also by Minister Tracey Martin (Associate Minister of Education).

This year we’ve had the opportunity to present the model to both the Learning Support Policy Team and Minister Martin.  As a result of those meetings the Managed Moves model has been recognised model that is capable of excellent outcomes for our young people and that aligns with the strategic objectives of this government.

We’ve also had increasing interest from those working with younger age groups.  Over the last three months the Managed Moves team have started to work with those supporting several primary and intermediate age young people.  The approach they are taking is similar to that taken for the pilot – collective, comprehensive, transparent and holds the young person at the centre.   The outcomes will inform a broader body of work for this age group.

We are also working closely with the Kotuitui Kohui Ako on this work, and will be using the TOMM tool to help measure outcomes and manage collective communication and case management.


The Youth Employment Support Service (YESS) continues its pilot phase.  The team are working with 10 young people currently.  The aim is to help them provide access to the supports and services they need to help them engage in employment and ongoing education.

We’ll have information about our first year outcomes at the end of the year, and are starting to plan 2019 already thanks to continued support from TTCF and Lottery Community Grants.

Last year we began a working group focused on reducing synthetic drug use and harm in our young people.  The work continues and anecdotally the outcomes are positive.

This year there is a new working group that is being set up to focus on our homeless and rough sleeping community.   A meeting was health last month to kick this off.  If you are interested in knowing more about this working group or the other work happening please get in contact with us.

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