Reducing Synthetic Drug


In July we as a community had the increased use of synthetic drugs and the horrendous impact they are having on our young people front of mind.  So we got together with a number of other proactive people and organisations in our community to do something about it.  The Synthetics Project has seen the Police, WDHB mental health and addiction services, Auckland Council, CAYAD, Health West, Alternative Education Consortium leaders from the West and the North, Odyssey and the Drug Foundation get together to create a working group to look at addressing this worrying issue.

In a very short time that group have: developed a short term, medium term, and long term plan; identified the resources that exist already that we can all use; and identified the resources that need to be developed to better educate our young people about the risks of synthetic drug use.

The project is being driven by the Police and A @ W.  You may have already seen the newspaper article on the pie themed approach two of our police officers have been taking in educating young people in Alternative Education about the risks of synthetic drug use.  Check it out if you haven’t. The feedback to this fun and innovative approach to getting the message across has been really positive.

In addition to that, a number of resources are being made available thanks to Odyssey and the Drug Foundation.  You can find out how to access them by contacting the Drug Foundation OR by checking out our resource hub.

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