Managed Moves Programme

The Managed Moves Programme aims to remove or minimise the barriers to education that our most at risk and vulnerable young people experience.

The Managed Moves Co-ordinators (MMC’s) work alongside schools, service providers and those working with a young person and their family.  (They do not work directly with the young person or their family unless there is no one in that role).   They help connect to services and supports needed but not yet engaged,  and help track progress so that further supports can be engaged early.  The support of the MMC can best be described using our 3 categories of support.

  • 1 – The MMC provides the contacts and connects for people, services and supports with each other to help them provide support for the young person.
  • 2 – The MMC will help facilitate the connections for schools, services and supports.
  • 3 – The MMC works alongside schools, services providers and supports, (and where required young person and their family/whanau) and  to ensure a suitable tailored education and care plan is developed, implemented and tracked.


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The Managed Moves Pilot formally began at the beginning of 2017.  Highlights of that Pilot can be found in our A@W CI initiative 2017 report posted online.

(Stats for 2017 and 2018 combined)

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In 2018 the Managed Moves Programme was moved under the leadership and funding of the Waitakere Alternative Education Consortium.  This has enabled the programme to be not only grow, but to grow sustainably.

For more information in the programme please contact the Waitakere Alternative Education Consortium on 09 813 0473 or email