Managed Moves Pilot Programme

The Youth at Risk Pilot: Managed Moves aims to remove or minimise the barriers to education that our most at risk and vulnerable young people experience.

Our Managed Moves Co-ordinator (MMC) works alongside schools, service providers and those working with a young person and their family.  (They do not work directly with the young person or their family).   They help connect to services and supports needed but not yet engaged,  and help track progress so that further supports can be engaged early.  The support of the MMC can best be described using our 3 categories of support.

  • 1 – The MMC provides the contacts and connects for people, services and supports with each other to help them provide support for the young person.
  • 2 – The MMC will help facilitate the connections for schools, services and supports.
  • 3 – The MMC works alongside schools, services providers and supports to ensure a suitable tailored education and care plan is developed, implemented and tracked.


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The Managed Moves Pilot formally began at the beginning of 2017 and we are already at the end of term 3.  Since its start the highlights include:

  • 63 young people have become part of the programme since the beginning of year;
  • 14 have been returned to school and 15 review dates for their return to mainstream school, and information on what each young person needs to address/reach/achieve in order to support that transition back into mainstream education;
  • 3 young people has been transitioned into a youth guarantee programme;
  • 11 have avoided exclusion from education;
  • The Deputy Principals/SENCO representatives from each of the Achieving at Waitakere high schools are meeting each term.  During these meetings they are sharing knowledge and best practice, learning about some of the supports and services that are available to them, and work together to create appropriate plans for the young people they identify as being at risk and vulnerable.